Technology and services for investors & landowners

Powerful solutions to generate predictable profits

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Powerful solutions to generate predictable profits

From end-to-end development as a service, to deal origination, asset divestment and specialised placement of capital, Navian technology and services help Institutional Investors, High Net Worth individuals and Landowners increase their returns while controlling risk.

Navian Technology includes an industry-leading, AI-powered appraisal and analytics platform that can be used to validate and optimise proposed property developments of any size.

Navian services for investors and Landowners include:

Development as a service
Secured lending
Co-Investment & JV opportunities
Yielding assets

"Navian technology and services underpin secure returns, even in an uncertain market"

Development as a Service

Development as a service is the unique flagship service from Navian. With experts across finance, execution and divestment, the Navian team is uniquely placed to create and manage bespoke investment opportunities that meet specific parameters for risk and return. Underpinned by our industry-leading technology and an extensive partner network, Navian Development as a Service is a safe and profitable means of placing High Net Worth and mid-market investment capital.

Secured lending

With an extensive and exclusive network across European real estate development and investment, Navian Group is well placed to create and advise on opportunities for low-risk, asset-backed capital growth in European real estate. We use cutting-edge analytics and expertise drawn from across the real estate ecosystem, to optimise capital placement and security, working with you to optimise the balance of returns and capital protection.

Co-Investment and JV Opportunities

Through our technology ecosystem and a wide network of lenders and developers, we have access to a broad range of co-investment and JV opportunities. We also draw on cutting-edge analytics technology and deep financial services expertise to provide advisory services on emerging opportunities for investors of all kinds, from high net worth individuals to small and mid-market asset managers. We can work faster and more accurately than the competition to optimise and validate deals of all types.

Yielding assets

With industry-leading financial modelling technology and expertise, we can help you achieve long-term success in income-based strategies in real estate. From asset search to deal validation and optimisation, we have deep expertise in the selection, financing, management and divestment of yielding assets. Further to that, our scenario modelling and analytics technology and analytics techniques mean you can be sure that everything possible has been done to maximise returns over any specified timescale.

Awards and Recognition

Winners of Nordic PropTech Awards 2023 in the category Invest & Finance, which highlights exciting digital solutions improving and innovating investment and financial processes related to real estate.

Mentioned at FinTech Global, the world’s leading provider of FinTech information services, as one of the Top10 FinTech companies raising the most money in the UK in 2023.

Voted as one of the most innovative FinTech startup companies for 2022 by the platform Finnovating, one of the largest platforms for tech and fintech companies in the world.

Winners of Catalyst's program in the DigTech category for 2023, a program organised by Business Sweden to foster sustainable international growth for innovative Swedish start-ups.

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