Navian Tech is carrying out a directed share issue of at least 10m SEK

August 29, 2023

The board of directors of Navian Tech AB ("the Company") has decided to carry out an additional new issuance. The net proceeds will primarily be used to develop the digital platform further, create stronger conditions for increased growth, and facilitate the integration process with Pepins Sweden AB.

Background and Motivation

This decision is a direct consequence of Navian's acquisition of Pepins Sweden AB, which was announced on June 19. The issuance marks a focus on expansion and opens up new opportunities for the Company. The acquisition of Pepins Sweden AB signifies a step forward in the Company's effort to streamline and make the real estate development process more effective through digitalisation.

Summary of New Issuance

The Company plans to issue shares for at least 10 million SEK. The issuance will be offered to both existing and new investors. The Company has already secured commitments and guarantees of 9.5 million SEK from several investors, including investment company Spiltan AB and investment company NVC. We are delighted to see the trust and confidence in the Company.

Both existing shareholders of the Company and previous owners of Pepins Sweden AB will be offered the same opportunities for the new issuance.

The Company intends to use the capital from the issuance to continue investing in its business development and innovation. The Company aims to strengthen its position as a leading player in its field.

"We are pleased to offer our shareholders and investors the opportunity to participate in our upcoming new issuance," says Sergey Kazachenko, CEO of Navian."The issuance will provide us with the flexibility to continue our growth journey and realise our vision of delivering innovative solutions."

For complete information, including timing and conditions, please get in touch with us.


By the team at Navian, Published August 29, 2023

Navian Administrator

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