Navian receives a new order and increases their order book by 10.5%

December 2, 2022

Navian signs a new client and secures up to a further SEK 8 million of turnover in the coming months. The deal was closed within 28 minutes of going through Navian's platform, which proves the increasing demand for digital services and a new way of working with real estate.

Navian - a proptech company working on digitalising real estate developments and investments - secured a new deal through its platform's solutions. The property transaction was executed entirely through this new method and shows a strong demand for digital solutions.

Through the platform, Navian was able to analyse, evaluate and package the development project in a short amount of time, offering it to the client in a modern way. Despite a more cautious transaction market, Navian's processes led to a closed deal in just 28 minutes from the deal entering through Navian's platform. This proves the efficiency that comes with new work processes. This is a very positive step for the company. The company looks forward to progressing in developing the digital platform further, to be able to offer several digital solutions for an even faster streamlining of the real estate industry.

"We are very happy we can offer our digital solutions to more players in real estate development, " says CEO Sergey Kazachenko. "This proves our digital solutions work and that we can deliver them in a cost-effective way. We see great opportunities for our work processes, especially in the cautious market situation we are seeing now".

"In a market situation where digital, transparent and efficient solutions are highly sought after, together with a solid experience in development projects, we see an incredible potential in the Swedish market", says Viveca Viso, Head of Sweden for Navian.

By the team at Navian, Published December 2, 2022

Navian Administrator

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