Navian takes a first step in Spain through a partnership with Habeno

February 16, 2023

Navian announced today that the company has partnered with the Swedish company Habeno, an innovative technology company specialising in facilitating the mortgage process for people who want to invest in properties abroad.

Habeno's largest market is in Spain, and they have developed an efficient method that reduces the stress and uncertainty often associated with the mortgage process.

Through this collaboration, Navian will leverage Habeno's cutting-edge technology platform to enable a smoother financing process for investors in real estate development in Spain and South Europe. Habeno's platform uses advanced algorithms and automated processes to quickly and safely assess the borrower's creditworthiness and property value.

For Navian, this partnership represents a first step towards expanding its business in Europe by offering financing services to investors and real estate developers who need funding abroad. In addition, Habeno's innovative solution allows Navian to provide customers with a more reliable service in the loan process, which is an important factor for many who want to invest in real estate development abroad.

"We are pleased to partner with Habeno to improve our financing services further and facilitate and streamline the real estate development process for investors in the Spanish market," says Navian's CEO, Sergey Kazachenko.

"Habeno has proven to be an innovative and reliable technology partner in the lending industry, and we are confident that through the collaboration and their solutions, it will be easier for our customers to invest in property development in South Europe while helping to reduce the stress and uncertainty often associated with this process."

About Habeno:

Habeno is a Swedish company that specialised in helping non-resident buyers secure home loans in Spain and Portugal. With extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and a network of reliable lenders, Habeno assists its customers through the entire process, from application to loan allocation. 

By the team at Navian, Published February 16, 2023

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