Navian launches REDaaS, or Real Estate Development as a Service

April 20, 2023

Navian, the winner of the 2023 Nordic PropTech Awards, has today announced the launch of a groundbreaking solution for investors in the real estate development industry. REDaaS, or Real Estate Development as a Service, is designed to make investing in high-quality new real estate development projects more accessible.

By combining Navian’s cutting-edge technology and services, REDaaS provides investors with a modern and efficient way to access the market's best real estate project deals. The turn-key execution of profitable and attractive development projects enables investors to easily participate in real estate development.

"We are thrilled to introduce REDaaS to the market," said Sergey Kazachenko, CEO of Navian. "Our mission is to make real estate development projects available and more accessible, and this solution is a significant step towards achieving that goal. With REDaaS, investors can now easily participate in real estate development projects, enabling them to generate passive or higher income in a way that has been impossible until now.”

REDaaS offers an innovative solution to generate higher ROI and incomes in projects, making it ideal for those seeking to benefit from real estate investment. With REDaaS, investors can now confidently get involved in new development projects and benefit from Navian's technology and expertise in the real estate industry without having to manage the project themselves.

Navian is excited to provide this groundbreaking solution to the real estate development industry.

About REDaaS:

Empowered by Navian, REDaaS is the first solution in the market that allows casual and experienced real estate investors to invest in high-quality, profitable real estate development projects without the need for active management.
By taking care of all project details, from selecting and analysing the best development opportunities to managing financing and investments, as well as providing ongoing support, REDaaS simplifies the investment process for investors.

With the help of Navian's cutting-edge technology and expert team, each opportunity can be tailored to meet the investor's specific needs, whether they seek to generate a passive income or higher returns in a way that was not previously possible. In summary, REDaaS is a unique solution for investors looking for a hassle-free and profitable investment experience in the real estate market.



By the team at Navian, Published April 20, 2023

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