Navian Announces Strategic Partnership with Address

August 24, 2023

We are glad to announce a strategic partnership with Address, an impact-focused Norwegian real estate company revolutionising homeownership access through their unique Rent-to-Own program.

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to addressing housing affordability by redefining how individuals finance, invest in and gain access to real estate. It represents a significant leap toward enhancing accessibility to property investments and modernising the real estate landscape.

Address is developing a unique rent-to-own program, including a user-centric digital solution that seamlessly integrates technology with their concept - and real estate expertise, simplifying the process of transitioning from renting to owning. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Navian's vision of offering property investors and developers innovative real estate development solutions that cater to their evolving needs.

"Address's innovative approach to Rent-to-Own solutions has captured our attention, and we are excited to join forces with them," said Sergey Kazachenko, CEO at Navian. "By combining Navian's network and real estate expertise with Address's visionary technology, we are poised to reshape the real estate landscape in the Nordics, providing a more streamlined and empowering experience for those looking to invest in real estate."

Through this partnership, Navian and Address are dedicated to driving positive change and taking social responsibility in the Swedish real estate market by making homeownership more accessible. Address's pioneering Rent-to-Own platform provides a unique opportunity to property investors to generate stable financial returns combined with social impact, while property developers get access to an institutional partner as part of their housing development financing structure.

"What drew us to Navian was their innovative approach to real estate development solutions and their shared dedication to making an impact. By combining Navian's extensive network and real estate expertise with our pioneering solutions, we are making it possible to scale our solution in Sweden efficiently, addressing the pressing need for new home purchasing and development solutions in the Nordics," said Nedim Mavric, Co-founder, and CEO of Address.

"Our collaboration goes beyond technology and investment. It's about social responsibility, positive change, and tangible impact. It's about addressing a megatrend, which is declining housing affordability, in a very large market - residential real estate", concluded Nedim Mavric.

About Address:

At Address, their goal is to assist individuals in achieving the dream of homeownership. The company has developed a unique rent-to-own program to foster positive societal change and unlock financial opportunities for their clients. As supervised and regulated managers of alternative investment funds, officially registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, they are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity.


By the team at Navian, Published August 24, 2023

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