Navian announces partnership with Propstreet

March 22, 2023

Navian and Propstreet are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at creating a more transparent and efficient residential real estate development market.

As two award-winning companies at this year's Nordic PropTech Awards, this partnership brings cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise to offer property investors and developers innovative real estate development solutions that meet their evolving needs.

"We are excited to join forces with Propstreet. Their reputation as a leading PropTech company and commitment to creating a more transparent property market makes them the perfect partner for us. This partnership will allow us to unlock and offer new exciting projects for our customers, resulting in a better real estate experience for everyone", says Sergey Kazachenko, CEO at Navian.

"We're excited to partner with Navian in our shared goal of creating a more transparent and efficient commercial real estate market. Navian's international network and expertise in the industry make them the perfect partner for us. Together, we're committed to increasing liquidity in the market and providing innovative solutions that benefit property investors and developers," says Henrik Olofsson, CEO at Propstreet.

Through this partnership, Navian and Propstreet are committed to driving positive change and making the real estate market more accessible and efficient. As a result, property investors and developers can expect a comprehensive and efficient experience that will change how they approach residential real estate development.

About PropStreet:

Propstreet connects vetted investors with verified brokers in the marketplace for confidential commercial real estate transactions. Providing members with direct access to exclusive investment opportunities and an extended network of CRE professionals. Propstreet operates in three markets and has over 1500 vetted investors on the platform, generating a deal value of over 5,000 MEUR.

With a focus on offering the most relevant business opportunities to real estate investors and brokerage firms, Propstreet uses optimizing tools through advanced data analytics and market intelligence. Propstreets' mission is to create a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient commercial real estate market.

By the team at Navian, Published March 22, 2023

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