Navian launches exclusive forum for real estate development investors

May 17, 2023

Navian has launched a forum with exclusive gatherings for professional investors in the real estate development industry.

The exclusive meetings will focus on sharing and discussing proven strategies for real estate development transactions, as well as providing insights and opportunities to participate in attractive off-market investment deals.

By utilising a combination of proven strategies and staying updated with relevant information, investors will be able to plan their investment strategies and benefit from market changes. The gatherings will also offer a unique opportunity to explore the latest in real estate development, innovative solutions, and the potential to create long-term successful strategies.

"We at Navian are excited to offer this exclusive real estate development forum for professional investors. Our goal is to provide access and opportunities to excellent investment cases while helping them stay informed with relevant information to create long-term successful investment strategies. We look forward to meeting investors and sharing our expertise in real estate development," says Sergey Kazachenko, CEO of Navian.

The forum, which initially is available in Sweden, is exclusively for professional investors in the real estate industry and will offer an exclusive opportunity to gain insights from various industry leaders in real estate development.

Read more and apply for a place here.



By the team at Navian, Published May 17, 2023

Navian Administrator

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