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Digitalising the real estate development and investment process

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Digitalising the real estate development and investment process

Founded in 2020, Navian combines industry-first technology products with end-to-end real estate services. With a team combining experts in technology, real estate and financial services, the Navian supports real estate projects from origination through funding to execution and exit. We believe that better-performing real estate projects are better for everyone, so basic access to our technology products is free to use.

Based in Stockholm, London and Marbella, Navian Group employs 40 real estate and technology professionals.

How it all began

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How it all began

During the over 20 years we have worked with real estate investments and property development, we can clearly see that the industry is heavily under-digitised. It is still characterised by many slow and manual processes, leading to inefficiency and unnecessarily excluding many investors while making it difficult for property developers.

"It should be as easy to invest in property development projects as it is to invest in stocks."

Over the years, we have had discussions with hundreds of real estate investors and property developers who have all raised the same dilemma: the difficulty of finding good projects, analysing them, finding financing, and attracting investors who can contribute capital, as well as the implementation phase involving architects, builders, and production. Based on this insight, we decided to change it. That's why we founded Navian.

Sergey & Erik, Founders of Navian


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"We aim to digitise the world's largest asset class in a similar way to what happened with stock trading."

In the past, in the 1980s and a large part of the 1990s, the stock market industry was dominated by a few stockbrokers who profited from manual stock trading. However, thanks to new technologies, the winds of change started blowing in the 1990s, and this pressure for change allows today anyone to trade stocks online through online platforms and banks. In short, stock trading has become digitised, resulting in efficiency gains and opening the market to more participants. Similarly to the stock market, our vision is to develop a platform which will digitise the real estate development industry.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the real estate development landscape.



Navian's mission is to digitise and streamline residential real estate development and investments to open the market to more participants.



Investing in property projects should be as accessible and straightforward as trading stocks on the stock exchange.

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