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Navian combines cutting-edge tech and industry-leading services to optimise the real estate process. We maximise returns and reduce uncertainty for real estate developers, investors and landowners. We are leading the digitalisation of real estate and making profit predictability a reality.

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Optimising real estate through services and technology

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Optimising real estate through services and technology

Navian services and technology increase efficiency and effectiveness at each stage of the real estate process, delivering improved financial outcomes for developers and investors.

We offer some of the most powerful and user-friendly technologies in the real estate industry. Even better, they’re free to use for origination, appraisal, analysis and reporting.

That technology also underpins our industry-leading services offer. If your project or organisation could benefit from more effective processes across origination, appraisal, funding, execution or exit, then we can help. We have a performance-based fee model, so we can potentially increase your return, with no investment up front.

Digital and services innovation – making profit predictability in real estate a reality.

Real estate development should be the most predictable of all business sectors. But niche technology solutions and disconnected service offerings needlessly increase the risks that developers and investors must bear. A majority of projects fail to fulfil their potential, with lower risk-adjusted returns than could otherwise be achieved.

Navian represents the dawn of profit predictability in real estate.

By combining an industry-first, AI powered technology ecosystem with a comprehensive service offering, we optimise returns and control risk. We can support at any stage of a project, and to any degree - you can use our techloogy for free, or engage with us to manage a project end-to-end. And even better, we have performance-based fee models, so the upfront cost is minimal and unavoidable risks are shared.

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Industry leading services

For developers

From site search and appraisal to delivery and exit, our team combines technical insight and deep real estate experience to help you maximise returns while minimising uncertainty. We focus on mid-market developers and can support all stages of the property development cycle.

For landowners

Navian services help landowners realise the full potential of their asset, and achieve their financial goals. Our combination of services, technology and industry networks means we deliver more value than consultants or specialist agents.

For investors

From end-to-end development as a service, to deal origination and specialised placement of capital. Navian services help High Net Worth and Institutional Investors increase their returns while controlling risk.

Cutting-edge technology

Propetly is a market-leading portal for development sites and a key source of greenfield, brownfield and conversion opportunities, for property developers of all sizes.

Proverest streamlines the appraisal process for developers, allowing teams to easily create investment reports in minutes which have been approved by leading development lenders.

Proverest Finance is an easy-to-use digital marketplace for development finance. Just enter basic details of your project to compare deals and apply with one click.

CoInvestors Club is a peer-to-peer (p2p) investment platform, where developers can easily secure equity investment from High Net Worth Individuals and Retail Investors.

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We work closely with lenders, constructors and real estate professionals of all types, including surveyors, architects and estate agents. If you would like access to more high quality residential real estate projects, then we'd love to hear from you.

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