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A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces the time spent on complicatedA calculation tool that simplifies

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A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces
A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces
A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces
A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces
A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces
A calculation tool that simplifies and reduces

Navigating you through Modern Property Development & Investment


A digital platform offering you the services you need to make Property investment and development more efficient, simplified and accessible to all.  

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The Evolution of Real Estate
Development is here.

Navian is the markets first digital platform that connects each stage of the property development and investment journey, offering you the services needed to make Property investment and development more efficient, simplified and accessible to all.We are the modern hybrid solution. We combine the knowledge (Industry know-hows) and experience from the traditional Property development industry, merged with the innovation of state of the art PropTech, Fintech and service focused technologies.

We are the compass that will guide and simplify the property development and investment process for you. 

"Navian delivers secure and sustainable profits for SME developers and real estate investors in Europe."

Our Approach:

Making Property Developments & Investment
accessible and simplified


Navian is a digital platform & eco-system, created by developers FOR developers. We understand the fundamental difficulties, pain points and challenges. How could we leverage the power and innovation of technology, to optimise development projects with modern solutions. Offering technical process/products/tool and offering personalised service to improve your needs.

The Navian platform will have all the tools you need to originate, finance, execute and exit. Each product in the platform is powered by experience and innovation. The value we offer you, comes from bringing it all together- under one hub, offering you efficiency, transparency and value. 

What does Navian do?

  • Find, analyse, fund and execute property development projects faster
  • Make digital property development possible
  • Increase financial prosperity for property developers


  • Single source of qualified property deals
  • Access integrated analysis and research tools
  • Automated presentations/IMs for all deals
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  • Gain quick access to different financing options
  • Optimise funding via advanced analysis tools for each deal
  • Explore easy access to funding: Debt, Mezzanine, Equity, JV
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  • Consolidate all your suppliers (architects, PMs etc) on one platform
  • Save multiple quotes from construction companies
  • Secure development time and cost already at the research stage


  • Consider multiple exit options
  • Secure sales/exit before the development project is purchased
  • Underwrite solutions for any suitable project

Why Navian?

A fully digitalised platform that drives new digital business models across the real estate industry.


The Navian Way

Complex  traditional way

As many as 10 different third parties are involved in each transaction.

Simplified  Navian Way

Central deal processing and automation.

Uncertain  traditional way

Any deviation from the plan can reduce profits  and increase the risk.

Predictable  Navian Way

Deal is fully structured before completion minimising the risk:  investment analysis, development and sales plans etc.

Slow  traditional way

58% of developers use manual processes to manage transactions.

Quick  Navian Way

From lead to structured de-risked deal in 2 days.

No growth  traditional way

Local knowledge is key. It limits companies scaling to new regions or forces them into large organisations.

Scalable  Navian Way

Expansion easy and flexibility to operate in new geographic areas.


A new Digital Approach for Real Estate Development


Profit transparency, with greater certainty


Reduced operational and financial risk


Complete more investment deals faster


Easy expansion to new regions

Our Clients

SME Developers
Real Estate Developers

Navian is a technology platform that enables SME developers to make digital real estate

Professional & Private Investors

Our community of professional and private investors span Europe from London, Marbella to Stockholm

Institutional Investors

Increase your capital allocation in real estate on one investment management platform.


Are you a tech vendor or a service provider of  the real estate market in Europe? 


Save time, resource and reduce your costs

If you are a small or medium-sized real estate developer, you can source, finance and manage all your real estate projects in one place. You will save time, resources and reduce transactional costs. 


Access greater investment opportunities

Are you an experienced real estate investor looking for greater return on investment and an efficient portfolio management tool, we can help. Or maybe, you are a private investor wanting access to a wider variety of deal opportunities, join the Navian community.


For flexibility, control and access to real estate investment

Take control of your investment strategy and gain direct access to investment to real estate investment opportunities on the Navian platform.  


Unlock multinational real estate opportunities

By joining Navian's community of industry experts you can reach more than 1 million developers. Navian has one of the largest eco systems of  real estate professionals, investors and developers in Europe.  

Navian Product Portfolio


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Simplify and reduce the time spent on complicated and time-consuming project research, from initial screening to source funding.


Property 1=United Kingdom (GB) Property 1=Default Coming soon

Buy and sell investment properties without the slow and manual processes.

Coinvestors Club

Property 1=Default Property 1=United Kingdom (GB) Coming soon

Join an exclusive investment club for celebrities and high net-worth individuals, who want to get a higher return on Real Estate projects with JV.


Property 1=Default Property 1=United Kingdom (GB) Coming soon

Access high quality solutions at competitive prices, through functional design and innovative thinking. It’s a property company that strives to deliver long-term sustainable solutions.

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What our Clients say

"It’s fantastic to work with Navian because it gives me an attractive opportunity to make my money grow with property-related investments that I had only limited access to before."

Victor K. & Magnus L.

Ess-Farin AB

"The partnership with Navian allows us to expand our operations in Sweden significantly and potentially find new projects we wouldn't otherwise"

Ivars Reinhards


"We are a growing developer with long construction expertise and together with Navian we can structure more complex economically beneficial deals that can generate higher profits.

T. Olsen

Bostad AB

"Thanks to Navian we are doing a very good and complex deal that would be challenging for us to find, and to execute on our own"

Adam E

A Part Meant for You AB

"Navian is the group delivering technology products and services for real estate investors and developers. Our team is a modern consolidation of innovative experts from both the technology and Property industries. Merging together , Navian brings these two parts of the business, achieving end-to-end digitalization of the real estate process, and making armchair property developers a reality."

Founders - Sergey Kazachenko & Erik Linton

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Get in Touch

We are always interested in hearing from you. Find out more about us and the Navian solutions by getting in touch. Maybe you are looking to work in a growing tech business? Fill out our form and one of our Navian team will be in touch shortly.


Our office address: 

Navian Investment Group AB
c/o The Park 
Hälsingegatan 49
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